Royal Mail Number

Royal Mail is a leading logistics company in the UK. It operates Royal Mail Group, a global organization with presence in over 44 countries across the world, and Parcelforce Worldwide brands. Royal Mail is one of Royal Mail Group businesses which operates in the UK.

Royal Mail specializes in sending and receiving of parcels or letters, improving the quality of customer data for clients, and organizing large marketing campaigns for its clients across the United Kingdom. Its mission is to help its customers to save money and time. Originally established in 1516, the London-based company has grown gradually to become an important part of local communities. It contributes greatly to the growth of UK economy among all UK corporations.

Since its inception, Royal Mail has been offering unparalleled logistic services as well as marketing services. Under marketing and data, the company offers the best marketing strategies its clients combining creative insights with high quality data. Its marketing teams work closely to come up with insight-based marketing solutions that are bound to get results.

While Royal Mail’s marketing specialists at MarketReach provide you with access to new set of skills as well as free tools, Data Services leverages expertise to utilize the highest quality data to deliver deeper insight into diverse customer motivations. It focuses at marketing that generates powerful responses and rooted in your business and customer needs.

Apart from marketing solutions, the company also provides mail management solutions that helps its clients to manage mail the best way possible. You might not realize how the way you manage your mailroom as well as mail is eating into your business until you get mail management solutions characterized by an effortless, and good value process which is geared towards satisfying the exact needs of your business. It offers extensive mail services ranging from inbound mail services, internal distribution to redirection services.

With Royal Mail which has been in existence for centuries, your local and international deliveries should not be something to worry about. There are many concerns about safety of letters and parcels on transit. The company has extensive experience expertise in the sector, and it has employed solid delivery systems to make sure whatever is being sent arrives at the destination in the same condition when it was sent. Customers can also track their items while still on transit.

As already mentioned above, Royal Mail Group is a Royal Mail subsidiary operating in the UK and it is imperative that it is recognized for its extensive operations in the country. With over 159000 employees and annual revenues of about £10 billion, Royal Mail Group has gone through massive transformations that have seen it invest heavily in technology, comprehensive efficiency improvements, evolution of the operating model, and a dynamic growth agenda.

Despite the large number of employees, the company has, it often acquires talents at levels in their business to achieve their strategy. The company has a culture that enables employees to grow as well as develop. Rail Mail always lives by their values and take pride in what they do and how they do it.