Next Number

Next is a fashion retail company that is based in Britain. It is a multinational clothing line that carried every type of clothing: men’s clothes (which was originally the only type of clothes it sold at first) women’s clothes, and even a children’s clothing line. It also has footwear, home decor, and other products. The retail store’s chain is headquartered in Enderby, Leicestershire. Next has 700 stores in total, 500 of them are in the United Kingdom and the other 200 of the stores circa across the entirety of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This store is the largest clothing retailer in the entire United Kingdom and is even listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Next originally started out being called Joseph Hepworth and Son, named after the founder Joseph Hepworth, when it was founded in 184. When it was first established, Joseph Hepworth was partnered with James Rhodes, however, Rhodes pulled out of the partnership in 1872. Working on his own, Hepworth expanded the company quickly and by 1884 he had opened up 100 stores.

When it started out, Joseph Hepworth and Son was predominantly a men’s suit store where the suits were sold ready to wear. The suits sold well and were revitalized in 1963 when the company bought Saville Row and the designer from those stores, Hardy Amies, brought new life to the ready-to-wear suits.

In 1981 Joseph Hepworth and Son bought out the clothing store, Kendall and Sons, a women’s retail company, and combined them it in with the men’s suit stores. Buying out Kendall and Sons brought Hepworth’s shops to a total count of 600 shops out on the British streets. The original design was to take Kendall’s stores and redevelop them so that their women’s clothes complemented the already existing Hepworth men’s clothing lines.

George Davies was recruited by the chief designer to work at Kendall’s, and he brought about brand-new changes to revitalize the company’s face. Davies began the revitalization initiative by coming up with the concept of creating an entirely new clothing chain called Next. He started by converting Kendall’s stores and opened the first Next stores in 1982, and the conversion was completed by 1983. By 1984, Davies who was now chief executive converted 50 Hepworth stores into the Next format and took the entire concept to cover the menswear line as well. This conversion allowed for mini department stores to be developed across the entire chain.

By 1988, the store had expanded so quickly that it was truly too big for its britches. A lot of stores were not bringing in enough money to pay for the rent. Later that year it began bringing in enough money to level out, and in 2008 expanded even further by bringing in a youth brand named Lipsy. Lipsy gave them the ability to now be able to sell men’s clothes, women’s clothes, and a children’s line. In 2009 it opened an online store which offered all of their clothes, shoes, and accessories to be sold not only in the United Kingdom but in the United States as well. Check out Next’s phone number on their website.