Fedex Number

FedEx might have become synonymous with mailing and delivery services, but few know the intricacies behind the company and the developments that it has seen. As a company, the mission statement of FedEx is to offer nothing short of the very best to customers, and collectively offer them solutions that would work well for their individual needs. With a wide range of services, the company is able to offer specialized solutions, no matter what kind of individual concern their customers might have.

The company was first founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith, a visionary who wanted to change the mailing and courier industry. The company first started small scale and began to work with a number of sources to deliver products faster than traditional mailing services. The company has gone through a number of improvements since its early days and now stands as an important member of the industry that it is in.

The range of services offered by the company is just one of the many reasons why people all over the world are opting for this service. FedEx Express is one of the first and most popular types of mailing services offered by the company. This mailing service is considered to be one of the fastest and most efficient when it comes to cross country deliveries. For those living within the UK, this means packages can go from one part of the country and reach the other, all within the span of one day. This was one of the first overnight courier services to emerging within the country and remains one of the most promising options around.

The second kind of service that FedEx is known for offering is FedEx Ground, also known as FedEx Green. This is the more economical solution for those who don’t mind waiting a few days for their delivery but still want their goods on time and without any delay. The company makes use of a large fleet of trucks to be able to transport goods from one place to another and is a more environmentally friendly approach to fast deliveries. The trucks being used in this are generally owned by independent contractors or owners and are sub-delegated to them to ensure smoother delivery of the goods. FedEx Home Delivery is a subsection of FedEx Ground, which specializes in local deliveries to residential complexes across the country. FedEx SmartPost is another subsection of FedEx Ground which focuses on the transportation of parcels within the e-commerce industry. Brands who want to get their goods delivered by their customers tend to make use of this option because of how economical and efficient it is.

FedEx Feight is one segment of the company that tends to be used for large scale transportation of goods and machinery. The company makes use of LTL carries to be able to transport goods within the UK, across state lines. This has proven to be one of the most revenue generating segments of the company and is something that has helped push for more developments within this sector.

If you are thinking of opting for their service, contact them on their Fedex telephone number: 03456 00 00 68