Currys Number

Spice Up Your Life With Currys Appliances

Nowadays, technical devices and small home appliances have become an inevitable part of our daily routine. However, purchasing and choosing the right technical devices can sometimes take a lot of our time. And we all know how valuable our time is today. However, the solution does exist. Those who want to buy quality equipment and home appliances all in one place know where they can find it.

The British electrical retail chain Currys operates on the territory of the whole United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Today, this retail chain is owned by Dixons Carphone.

They are specialized in selling home technics and household appliances. The vision of the company is to provide the highest level of service on the market with continuous innovation and enrichment of the product range.

Their 295 megastores and 73 smaller shops are working under the same brand – The Currys Digital. This brand was introduced in 2006 so that all former Dixons shops could be rebranded.

Today, many of these shops are working under the name Currys PC World.

How Did It All Start?

The original Currys brand was founded a long time ago, in 1884 to be precise. Henry Curry its founder first started to build and sell bicycles. His first shop was opened in 1888, and yet in 1897 he made his sons his business partners, and together they’ve become H.Curry&Sons.

Their business was growing, and soon they were successfully positioned on the stock market.

In that time, they were already trading with various goods, and so in 1932, they have closed their bicycle manufacturing industry.

From the late 1960s until the late 1980s Currys had a significant expansion and have become a big supplier of home appliances and televisions. By 1984 Currys had a chain of 570 shops. Curry’s number of shops was twice higher compared to the chain that was supposed to take over the company.

The Dixons Take Over

In 1984 the Dixons took over Curry’s business, but they were still managing the business under separate brands. Whatmore, in 2006 Dixons announced their shops will be trading under the name of in a total number of 550 shops.

Almost the same thing has happened in Ireland where the Dixons shops also have changed their brand name. But in Ireland, their name is just Currys without the previous “digital” suffix.

All the shops are split into four basic departments such as major domestic appliances, small household appliances, home entertainment, and computing.

Curry’s PC World

The Company’s Retail began the work of so-called Currys PC World shops. The business was a success and since 2015 a number of shops were merged so that advertising of both trade chains was mixed into one.

Today, this company makes it all easier for its customers. The company’s online offer is constantly growing, and this brand is improving its business. They provide customer-adopted packages of products and enable help to their consumers. Every potential buyer has access to the website content where they can find everything they might need. And so, the community of consumers is constantly rising.

The Curry’s is recognized on the market as a company that encourages the application of new technologies, directing the customers to get the most for their money. Particularly, taking into account that such purchases have their value in the future.