British Airways Number

British Airways is the United Kingdom’s largest commercial airline. Serving passengers globally, British Airways is headquartered at Harmondsworth, United Kingdom. For those who wish to contact them, they may call British Airways phone number at 0344 493 0787.

British Airways’ origins and roots date as far back as the year of 1919. Stemming from a proposal to establish a joint British airline, British Airways was officially created in 1974. Its creation was from the merger of the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and British European Airways (BEA). Today, British Airways serves over 70 countries and territories worldwide and is part of the Oneworld Alliance.

In line with its global presence, British Airways displays the importance of corporate responsibility through its philanthropic efforts. Their efforts are focused on reducing environmental impact, human trafficking, and wildlife trafficking to only name a few. Some of the organizations that they partner with are “Comic Relief (also called flying Start)”, Air League Trust, Velocys, and Monkey World to help them with their environmental and humanitarian initiatives.

Today, we take a look at an article dated August 31st of 2018. As previously mentioned, one of British Airways’ initiatives is the protection of animals against wildlife trafficking. This particular article discusses a successful rescue. In partnership with Monkey World, British Airways rescued a “baby Slow Loris primate”, named Nora. Nora was found being sold in a pet shop in Lebanon. This particular primate is an endangered species. Together with the help of British Airways, IAG Cargo, Monkey World, and Animals Lebanon, Nora flew from Beirut to the United Kingdom. During her flight, she was treated as a VIP and was looked after and cared for during the journey. Nora’s new home will be with other Slow Lorises at Monkey World in Dorset.

The article includes a heartfelt video showing Nora afraid, yet also curious about her new surroundings. Nora then moves into a more secure and safe cage for transport.

The article moves on to also briefly discuss other rescues. In it, it describes rescuing another Slow Loris in 2014. The article also mentions the rescue of an Orang-utan named Mimi.

In another article dated May 16th of 2017, we read about a baby Orang-utan named Loren. The article begins to describe that Loren was “rejected at birth by her mother”. The staff at the local Moscow Zoo, where Loren had been born, took care of her. With the help of Monkey World, IAG Cargo, and British Airways, Loren traveled in the passenger cabin from Moscow to Monkey World. There, Loren was welcomed with open arms by her new “adopted mom”, Roro. Along with her new adopted mom, Loren was also greeted by two other playful Orang-utans named Bulu-Mata and Rieke. The article also mentions that Monkey World also has other Orang-utans in their nursery. These Orang-utans are named Silvestre, Oshine, and Jin.