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Argos Mobile App Allows You To Purchase Products With Just A Picture

Argos is simplifying and modernizing the purchasing process with the debut of the visual search app. This latest feature is the company’s most recent addition to its mobile app. It is designed to enable customers to search and purchase products by simply using the camera of their smartphones.  The visual search feature takes advantage of the latest advances in the image search and machine learning algorithms, which have progressively advanced that software, are now capable of identifying similar and specific objects by simply based on a photo.

The Latest Mobile App Feature

Shoppers can easily search products that they want to purchase in the catalog on the mobile app. The app will find similar items and shoppers can instantly order the product that they like through the app. In addition, the AR or the Augmented Reality will also enable shoppers to layer a Virtual Reality image on top of the real world from their smartphone camera to determine if the furniture that the shopper choose, for instance, would perfectly fit in their furniture at home.

Shoppers can then purchase their choice without the need to leave the mobile out. Currently, this technology is only applicable to several items like curtains, furniture, and homeware. According to Mark Steel, Argos’ digital director, the increasing interest of consumers to use social media outfits like Pinterest and Instagram as reference or source of inspiration can possibly affect the way we shop for our homes.

He added that by applying this on the company’s mobile app, Argos is deliberately placing the technology right at the fingertips of the customers who are using their smartphones and mobile devices to shop. The digital director further noted that customers who would like to find products or an entire set of furniture in a room that they have seen online or in their neighbor’s home can simply check the range of homewares and furniture to find similar items instantly by simply using a photo.  Snapchat has already embraced visual search in their app. Members can now find and purchase items from Amazon through a simple photo.

Pillow Product Recall

In other news, Argos announced that it is recalling a range of its down and goose feather pillows, which are included in Argos Home collection. The advisory is calling out customers to stop using the pillow immediately and return it to any Argos store. The company also issued safety product recall awareness on its website sharing an explanation behind the product recall.

According to the statement, the company conducted routine testing and discovered that the pillow in question was not able to meet the necessary level of safety and fire standards. It further instructs shoppers to return the pillow and obtain a refund even if they do not have the receipt with them. Shoppers can visit the nearest Argos store near them or call Argos telephone number for further inquiries.

About the Company

Trading as Argos, Argos Ltd, a subsidiary of Sainsbury’s, is British company operating in Ireland and in the UK. The company is involved in trading through online and physical stores. Currently, it has more than 845 retail shops. It has an average annual retail shop customer of 29 million and almost a billion annual online visitors.