Whether you do it yourself or hire somebody to do it, customer support is very essential to promote your business and grow. It is all about the message you convey – who you are and what you can do for your customers. Customer support service is about your business image, reliability and promptness. The goal of customer service system of your business should be to create a favorable opinion about your business in the minds and hearts of your clients, vendors, potential customers and the like.

Today, customer service has evolved from a mere one-person show to an entire department of multiple teams dedicated for the purpose. You are undoubtedly familiar with what a salesperson can do to promote your product or service, through flyers, ad campaigns or various other means. Similarly, a customer support representative can put a lot of effort in bringing back the customers and making them stay as your permanent clients. These representatives and the quality of service they provide have become synonymous with your business brand, concept and reputation as well as the credibility of the product or service you are offering.

A customer support representative has a wide range of tasks to perform in a day, all designed to bring your business into the public’s attention. These include answering your customers when they have complaints or concerns, listening to them attentively while making sure that the problem is clear and keeping the promises made. Answering phone calls means not forwarding the calls to an answering machine; instead tending to the calls promptly and listening to what your customers have to say. They in fact want to hear a real person on the other side, not a recorded robot when they are reaching out to your business. And then the representatives need to make sure that the customer is happy and satisfied with the answer/solution provided and not put off by it.

You can enhance the image of your business through customer support service and establish a good and lifelong relationship with your customers by listening to them carefully. Self-promotion doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many opportunities to make your customers come back and a good customer support where they can get the needed attention to their ongoing issues is one of them.

The best way to retain customers for the long haul also involves making promises that you are sure to keep. In worst case scenario, you can wind up in legal trouble if you fail to provide what is being promised. Reliability and trustworthiness are some of the features that customers are looking for when they are doing business. If you promise someone to replace a broken item or deliver the item before a specific date, make sure that these promises are fulfilled promptly and on time. Not having the item in stock or failure to make delivery due to logistics is no excuse. The same rules apply to appointments, project deadlines, material procurement and meeting schedules as well.